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Moonj Basketry-Allahabad

Naini is a small village situated near the banks of Jamuna River in Allahabad situated in Uttar Pradesh state. The village Naini is the major producer of Moonj- wild grass products. Moonj and Kaasa are the types of wild grass that richly grows near the banks of the river in and around vast areas of Allahabad. Moonj is basically outer layer of ‘Sarpat’ grass. This layer is peeled and knotted as it is easy to store and dry. These knots are locally called as ‘Balla’. Hence the local name of Moonj craft in Naini is ‘Balla’. The origin of Moonj craft has nearly 60 to 70 years of traditional history in Allahabad. Initially the Kaasa grass is dried and it is wrapped with the moonj grass by rolling around Kaasa. The motifs of basketry are created by adding colored grass in between. The Moonj coiled grass products are ideal to serve daily life purposes. These natural products can be used as containers, food storage devices and wall decorators. The products are very simple, attractive and eco-friendly. The range of products includes Tipara-vanity case which is used to store rotis, Goli-round basket and containers of different sizes. Recent innovative products include book shelf, ear rings, fruit basket and hand purse. Among all products Tipara-Kadai is the traditional one. The Moonj craft also has a traditional significance as the final products are given as gifts for women in ritual functions and weddings.


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